What the Color of Your Book Cover Reveals

The symbolics of colors is no secret. But what does this mean especially concerning book covers? What is the effect of a red book cover on your readers and to which genre cliche does it correspond? Find it out with our infographics:cover-color-en emotions-color-4-en

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Patricia is a member of the XinXii Distribution team. She is responsible for the conversion, validation and delivery of eBooks. Patricia has studied Comparative Literature and since then she has been engaged intensively with eBooks and digital media.


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    December 16, 2014

    Dear XinXii…the write-up on meaning of colors of bookcovers…is interesting
    my book cover …….
    I just darkened the background to an almost blackish GREEN and
    imposed the picture of an inviting PINK flower as it is…
    so the lettering of the title had to be White to suit a dark background
    Now the subject is a memoir of a Son…
    I had no Questions on my mind as to what is the meaning of colors is…
    I was just brought up with… the consciousness with which something is done is certainly felt across…
    but I tell you this message of yours is thought provoking…I like a colorful picture by itself…and I never knew why.. I find every picture beautiful no matter what the color is…because it makes me forget myself.

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    December 29, 2014

    This was really interesting. I never thought of book cover colors as reflecting genres. Are you saying there is a benefit to using certain colors for certain types of books or are these just the colors authors lean to? http://www.mochamind.com

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