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Hello all!

My name is Andrea Schober, I’m the founder and CEO of XinXii, and I welcome you to the brand new English version of our company weblog.

This move, extending our German version, allows us to share our news, knowledge, insights and opinions with our closer and wider community all over the world. This blog is a place where we announce new features and updates on XinXii, where we share information and tips on bookmarketing, and publish notes about the self-publishing, eBook and eReader industry. Quite simply: It is dedicated to share anything that supports you to become a successful author 🙂 So we are really looking forward to receiving your feedback and thoughts. Please feel free to use the comments extensively!

The articles are written by the XinXii-team and guest authors for XinXii users, indie authors, self-publishers and eBook lovers.

If you are familiar with the Spanish language, you are invited to visit the brand new Spanish version as well.

Now, let’s start to blog.


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Founder and CEO of XinXii

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