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Patricia is a member of the XinXii Distribution team. She is responsible for the conversion, validation and delivery of eBooks. Patricia has studied Comparative Literature and since then she has been engaged intensively with eBooks and digital media.

Highlights of the First International #XinXiiChat

Yesterday was the first session of the international #XinXiiChat on Twitter. The topic: book covers. The experts, Charles Sheehan-Miles and Derek Murphy, shared their precious knowledge and gave a lot of practical tips. The core results: Keep it simple, be careful with overused fonts and stay with the genre! There are many other awesome tips, so read on! ...

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6 Ebook Awards For Self-Publishers

To be nominated or even winning an award is not only a great feeling. It also is also the best publicity: You gain new readers, it increases your prestige as an author and finally raises your sales (often also for your other books). Most often the prize is publicity and a seal, but there are also sponsored awards with a sum of money for the winner. We listed six awards for self-published ebooks for you: ...

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4 Tips To Use Pen Names For Genre-Crossing

You love changing the genre? Your publication list ranges from „Clara’s Little Pony“ to titles like „Essays On Existential Ethics“, „The Secret Of The Governess“ and „Zombies’ Insatiable Love“? Maybe it is time to become schizophrenic and to create a pen name. Here are 4 tips how to take advantage of a pseudonym easily and successfully: ...

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Guidelines for Optimal eBook Formatting

A personalized and tasteful design is important for eBooks. Its lack can reduce the pleasure of reading or make the text completely illegible. This often applies to complex and decorative elements. The preference for such layouts comes from our experience with printed books. The above mentioned layouts are often chosen by beginners but sometimes also from experienced authors who would like the text to look nice. And why not after all? There are so many inspiring layouts out there. But often the peculiarities of the new medium are not taken into account. One of the numerous advantages offered by eBooks ...

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