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Vesela is Marketing Assistant at XinXii.

Win New Readers and True Fans With Coupon Codes

Authors, who sell their eBooks on XinXii, can offer them as an exclusive free download. Readers who are interested in the book enter the code when they check out and download it immediately without having to pay for it. The generation of coupon codes is easy: 1. Click on the Coupon Manager in the user section “My XinXii” 2. Generate the code 3. Determine the period of the campaign and the number of downloads 4. Ready When you have generated a coupon code you can additionally edit  the information and view the number of the redeemed coupons. The new feature ...

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XinXii Expands Services With Editing & Proof-reading

XinXii offers a new service: editing & proof-reading of texts published on the  XinXii platform.  Authors can choose between proof-reading – orthography, grammar, punctuation, hyphenation – and editing with a stylistic review. Authors who are interested in the service can upload a text on http://www.xinxii.com/services.php for a non-binding quote. The editing and proof-reading is carried out by qualified staff. For now, the service is available for German texts, more languages would be supported in the future.     ...

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New Payment Method for XinXii Authors

From today onward, authors on XinXii  can use a bank transfer as a payment method for provisions – as an alternative to PayPal. When you want to choose that option – just have a look at the section My XinXii > Author: edit account information, there you can choose the option at the end of the page. It is important to note that at the moment we perform transactions only in the European currency zone and in Euro (see SEPA* ).  In order to identify your bank account and financial institution, your BIC (11-digit bank code number) and IBAN (22-digit ...

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Pinterest: A Picture Says More Than 1000 Words

A brilliant and at the same time nice platform, which was chosen among the TIMES’ 50 best websites for 2011, now develops fast: Pinterest  is a social network in which the user can post pictures with description on a virtual pinboard. The aim is to exchange information about hobbies and interests: when you like a certain picture, you can post it on your own pinboard (‘repin’).  And this is the way how photos of tasty dishes would be pinned on the recipe together with a link, trendy clothes would be posted together with the buying source, decor tips or great ...

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New Distribution Channel: Amazon Kindle eBook Store

You know it already: We are broadening our distribution channels, so your eBook would reach as many potential readers as possible all over the world. From today on, we are offering the additional possibility to publish your eBooks on the Amazon’s Kindle eBook store-apart from Apple’s iBookstore and Casa del Libro. The distribution through XinXii and the conversion to a mobile format is again for free.   Here also applies the following: We gladly publish your eBook on Amazon when it: – is available through ISBN – has a cover, title and the author is mentioned Amazon Kindle eBook store offers over one million ...

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Finding the Right ebook

Not sure what you want to read next? Then click on the tab Categories on XinXii’s webpage and start exploring. The topics are ordered alphabetically and there is a great variety of ebooks you can choose from. ...

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