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Self-publishing expert SUE COLLIER is coauthor of The Complete Guide to Self-Publishing, 5th Edition (Writer’s Digest Books, 2010) and the forthcoming Jump Start Your Books Sales, 2nd Edition (Communication Creativity, 2011). She has been working with authors and small presses for more than two decades, providing writing, editing, production, and promotions work for hundreds of book projects. Visit her website and blog Self-Publishing Resources, where you can also sign up for her free monthly self-publishing and book promoting ezine Websites, Wisdom, & Whimsy.

How Choosing Your Topic Wisely Can Mean Selling More Books

As a self-publisher, you are ultimately going into business. The first and most important step any potential businessperson takes is to decide what product or service to offer customers. So, too, you must determine your “vehicle.” Some forms of writing hold more promise for commercial success than others. You may dream of turning out a volume of poetry, writing a novel, or telling your life story. And you may feel a deep passion for your project. But if making money is your primary goal, you could face an uphill climb. Here are some tips that will help. Whether you’ve already ...

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