XinXii’s Christmas gift – an ISBN for free!


We look back on one great year full of exciting publications and we are pleased with the increased number of authors who have joined us. In order to sweeten the run-up to Christmas, we would like to thank all authors and supporters with a special offer: Get a free ISBN with XinXii!

XinXii’s Christmas special offer

In the period between 25.11 and 18.12.2013 every ISBN obtained through the XinXii Power Package is free of charge. It is now twice as rewarding to finish all planned eBook projects before Christmas and upload them on XinXii:

1. You receive a free ISBN and save costs.

2. Your eBook takes part in the holiday shopping season.

We deliver your eBook with a free ISBN to all online shops of your choice and thus increase your chances to be discovered by many readers!

This is how you receive your free ISBN:

Your eBook should:

  • belong to the fiction genre – whether a novel, a thriller, a story about vampires, etc.
  • be at least 10 standard pages (= 1800 symbols including blank spaces)
  • include an Imprint (including name and contact details)
  • be uploaded with a book cover (1400 pixels wide, JPEG file, including author’s name/pseudonym and title)

Attention: For the Christmas special offer the above conditions apply as well as our General Terms and Conditions (particularly paragraph 4.1). XinXii is not obliged to assign a free ISBN for every uploaded eBook and is entitled to withhold the allocation of ISBNs or to delete an entry without stating reasons. There is no general acceptance.

We wish you a peaceful Christmas season and are looking forward to all your new eBook projects! 

PS: If you know somebody who has been writing an eBook for a long time, tell her/him about our special offer, share it on social media. Now is the right time to publish and save money!

About the author  ⁄ Vesela Bodurova

Vesela is Marketing Assistant at XinXii.

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