Amazon Goes to India: Great Chance For English eBooks

For those who want to explore new markets, there is a great opportunity to do so – India.  Amazon announced the launch of its Kindle store in India.

XinXii distributes eBooks to the India Kindle store 

Authors who distribute their eBooks to Amazon through XinXii would automatically have their titles available on the India Kindle store. The price and the required data remain identical to the ones of

With population of more than 1.2 billion people, India is the second biggest English speaking community in the world with more than 125 million English speaking people – a great potential for authors who publish their eBooks in English.

Attention: The key to the Indian market might be the price of the eBook. Authors who want to sell their books successfully should have an idea of the average book price in India which is considerably lower compared to our prices. With a price of  2-3 $  you have more chances to sell your eBooks than with one over 5$.

Generally, indie authors at the start of their careers should not concentrate so much on the price but  put efforts to attract readers’ interest and use the global coverage in order to build an audience. When their eBooks are offered on leading international shops, the chance to reach new readers is greatly increased.

Good eBooks speak for themselves,  use this new distribution channel, let your eBook travel around the world – and with some luck and targeted marketing campaigns you would find new readers in other countries!

Our tips

  • Translate your eBook to English and use the chance to publish it on one of the biggest markets in the world and thus to reach new readers – in India.
  • Identify Indian blogs about eBooks and offer a free download of a review copy through a coupon code.

Further information

The official press release of Amazon

More information about our distribution channels

Tips for suitable translators and links to Indian blogs are welcome!

About the author  ⁄ Vesela Bodurova

Vesela is Marketing Assistant at XinXii.

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