XinXii with Country-Specific Sales Reports

XinXii with country-specific sales reports: More information for self-publishers in the sphere of sales controlling 
When you decide to distribute your eBook on leading national and international shops, you can check the sales at any point in your XinXii account. The sales on the XinXii platform are updated daily, the ones for the eBook shops that XinXii delivers to are updated on a monthly basis.
The authors can select the shops for distribution individually. As of now, the sales figures would be available not only per shop but also per country version of the respective shops (if applicable). Thus the authors will receive information not only for their top sales channels but also for the top markets for their eBooks.  Serving as an example is the German, Austrian or Swiss web page of Wetbild (, the 51 country versions of iBookstore, all available Amazon web pages, the various country versions of Thalia (.de/.at/.ch), Pubbles, Kobo, Casa del Libro (Europe and South America) as well as the 8 country versions of XinXii.

About the author  ⁄ Vesela Bodurova

Vesela is Marketing Assistant at XinXii.

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